Notarized translation

Notarized Translation

 A notarized translation is a document translated by a translator and certified by a notary. At EMG you can order a translation of documents into English and other languages, followed by notarization.

Certifiable documents include:

  • passports

  • certificates, (marriage, birth, etc.)

  • diplomas

  • powers of attorney

  • contracts, etc.

A notarized translation is prepared in the following sequence:

  • the original (or certified copy) of the document is bound together with the translation

  • the certification date, translator’s name, and the name of the person who verified the document are indicate on a separate sheet

  • a paper strip with a seal and stamp that must also be translated is glued on the binding of the last sheet

  • the authorized person (the same person who authenticated the translator’s signature) verified the number of bound sheets.

The advantages of working with EMG include:

  • translation into any foreign language

  • trained professionals provide notarized translations on tight schedules

  • a customized approach to each client

  • the ability to order a certified translation of a passport, diploma, certificate and other documents marked with an Apostille.