Language Solutions PRO provides comprehensive linguistic support for individuals and companies representing different business areas.

Please note: To find out the final cost of translation and related services, the following preliminary actions are required: text recognition of the original document, if it was not sent in the text format; determination of its size (based on the number of words or characters per page); calculation of the estimated text size in the final document, depending on a language. In addition, a deadline for completion will also affect the translation cost – an urgent translation is more expensive.

Language From a foreign language into Ukrainian/Russian From Ukrainian/Russian into a foreign language
European languages from 95 UAH from 98 UAH
Chinese from 135 UAH from 150 UAH
Russian 54 UAH 54 UAH
Turkish from 135 UAH from 150 UAH
CIS languages from 97 UAH from 99 UAH
Rare languages from 135 UAH from 150 UAH

*The final cost depends on the volume of the text, theme and translation pair

Name of Service Price
Translation of a standard personal document (including those for legal entities)
  • passport
  • certificate: of birth, of marriage, of divorce, of name or surname change
  • pension certificate
  • diploma without official transcript
  • driving license
  • civil registry office certificate
  • general certificate of secondary education without official transcript
  • certificate of no criminal record
  • certificate of employment
  • certificate of current course enrollment
  • certificate of state registration of a sole proprietor
from 90 UAH
Translation of medical, technical, advertising, marketing and literary texts from 102 UAH
Proofreading of the translation provided by a customer or of the translation completed earlier (if available in the database) 50% of the fee for translation
Certification of a translation by the company's stamp from 30 UAH for one document
Notarial certification of the translator's signature from 90 UAH for one document
Notarial certification of the duplicate document 40 UAH for one page