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Do you urgently need high-quality translations?

Kyiv recommends Language Solutions PRO (Ukraine) translations bureau with notary certification. It is a specialised linguistic agency providing a wide range of quality services — interpreting and translation in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine from/into all languages of the world of any subject, complexity and scope, including:

  • treaties, business agreements, contracts;
  • financial documents;
  • passports;
  • birth, death, marriage, divorce certificates;
  • bank and tax documentation;
  • driver licenses;
  • letters of authority;
  • statements from government and commercial structures;
  • school certificates, diplomas, academic statements/certificates and many other kinds of texts;
  • documents required for leaving abroad.

The additional services of LSP (Ukraine) translations bureau are legalisation, apostille service, software localisation, translation of technical documentation, drawings, prepress and development of printed materials.


The professionalism of the personnel of LSP translations bureau with notary certification is the guarantee of high-quality translation.

All the translations are performed by certified, qualified and experienced translators specialising in certain language and subject of texts.

Unlike the product provided by many freelancers and some translation agencies in Kyiv, each translated text undergoes the professional editing and proof-reading to detect the following:

  • misspelling and major grammar,
  • terminology mistakes,
  • stylistic mistakes,
  • wrong spelling of proper names, wrong dates and other facts.

Order a translation with notary certification – save your time and money

The specialists of Language Solutions PRO (Ukraine) translations bureau also provide notary certification of translated documents or documents compiled abroad (provided with apostille or legalisation, except the CIS states) – their legal validation enabling their further submission to the official state authorities.

A notary translation resembles itself several pages filed to a replica or an original document sealed by a notary’s signature and seal. Notary certification does not affect translation performance terms.

Should you need the detailed information, to consult regarding the prices for the translations agency (Kyiv, Ukraine) services and order a notary certified translation, you can

1) call the stated number or order a call-back;

2) fill the online application form on our site;

3) or send the texts of documents for translation to our e-mail.

Our specialist shall contact you within 30 minutes after receiving an e-mail or an online application in order to discuss the details. You can also bring your texts on a digital media to LSP (Ukraine) translations bureau that is situated in a convenient place in the centre of Kyiv.

Each order is assigned with a dedicated manager to monitor the performance and correctness. All the texts are obligatorily submitted back for approval. You can make any corrections and approve them with the manager, if they do not affect the sense of a translated document.

The translations bureau with notary certification – LSP (Ukraine, Kyiv) agency: flawless turn-key ready translations.


Наш офис расположен по адресу:
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01054, ул.Бульварно-Кудрявская, 33 Б, оф. 18-19

График работы:
Понедельник-пятница - 9:00 - 18:00

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