A notarized translation is a document translation certified by a notary. The notary verifies the authenticity of the translator’s signature, thus confirming that the translation was done by a professional and complies with all requirements of the law. Notarization validates a translation. 
Mandatory requirements for documents include:
  • clear and concise composition
  • clearly distinguishable signatures, stamps and dates
  • no corrections (erasures, etc.). Otherwise, the document cannot be notarized.
Specialists at Language Solutions PRO carefully check all materials requiring notarization for compliance with all of the above requirements.
We notarize translations of any size. 
Document management includes the following stages:
  • the translator translates the document
  • the translator signs the papers in the presence of a notary
  • the notary checks the document and verifies the translator’s signature.
Only skilled specialists with extensive experience do the translations.