Site translate

Website Translation

Language Solutions PRO offers website translation services of any complexity, from personal blogs to corporate portals into any language.

Website translation is one of the most essential services. Today, the Internet is an important tool not only for global communications, but also for advertising and building a company’s image. Thus, it is important to translate a site into the language of the countries where a company is present. In addition, a site providing access to information in several languages considerably expands the group of potential users and brings in additional audiences, and hence, customers.

Translations are done by professional translators and web designers and include the following:

  • Translation of site content

  • Translation of interface elements, i.e., menus and navigation

  • Translation of texts for graphic images, diagrams and tables

  • Adapting translated content to international search engines

  • Translation of hidden text, i.e., meta tags, image and link attributes.

The relevance of search queries in the required language and content theme are taken into account during translation, and the materials are adapted to the culture and language.

In the process of translating Internet portals, EMG specialists work closely with designers, programmers and layout specialists.