Studying Abroad: Trends and Preparation

The popularity and demand for education abroad are growing. This is typical for language courses and children's camps, as well as for full-fledged school education, universities, and MBA programs.

In different countries, the offered educational programs vary greatly: classic English boarding schools compete with educational institutions in Malta; German universities - with US universities, Finnish universities - with Australian ones.

However, there is a common feature, which became the reason for the popularity of such education. An education obtained abroad often gives an advantage when entering a highly selective university or seeking a job. This also creates an opportunity to stay in the country of study and work in it, and subsequently to apply for citizenship. Of special note is a full immersion into a different language environment, as all classes are taught in English or the official language of the country.


Regardless of the choice of the program and educational institution, you will need to prepare a package of documents for travel and education. It may differ depending on the country and the type of educational program. A complete list of documents along with all the requirements must always be checked with the educational institution in which you plan to study.


Among the most popular documents are:

  1. Documents for obtaining a visa to the country of travel. It can be either a student visa or a tourist visa (in case you are just sending your child to the camp on vacation).
  2. Diploma, high school certificate, any other educational documents. They will be necessary for admission to a school, college, university, for extended education, MBA studies, and other educational programs.
  3. The receiving party can also request any other additional documents. The most popular of them are personal references, cover letters, CVs, and certificates.


If you are applying for a tourist visa, in accordance with the requirements of the consulate of the country of travel, these documents may be in Ukrainian. However, some consulates have different rules, and as regards the remaining documents, they must always be translated into the language of the country to which the trip is planned.

The decision to accept a student for studying also depends on the correctness of the translation. And this can affect the receipt of a visa! That is why, when preparing for admission, you should take care of the issue of competent translation of documents and order the translation only from professional translation agencies. Please admit that it is more than a shame to get a rejection due to the misuse of foreign terms or names of subjects in the educational certificate.


What services are most in demand when preparing documents for obtaining an education abroad or after receiving an education?

  • Professional translation of documents (personal, educational, specialized, etc.);
  • Notarial certification;
  • Apostilization of documents or consular legalization, depending on the country of travel;
  • Nostrification of educational documents obtained in another country for their use in Ukraine.


Regardless of which program, educational institution and country you choose, we wish you success. Enjoy your studying!