Technical Translation

Technical Translation

Technical translation is usually required in specialized industries, such as:
  • the automotive industry
  • medical equipment
  • the oil and gas industry
  • the refining industry
  • aviation
  • the heavy engineering industry.

The challenges facing a translator working with technical documents are much greater than for regular translation.  This is why we work closely with highly skilled specialists who have thorough knowledge of a specific topic and understand all the features of this work. 

Various types of documents are translated, including:

  • vehicle repair and operating manuals
  • catalogs
  • specifications and handbooks
  • performance specifications
  • operating instructions
  • marketing materials and brochures
  • patents
  • drawings
  • statements of work
  • safety manuals
  • software and hardware
  • systems design requirements
  • tender documents.
The specific features of text layout, symbols, crosshatching, physical quantities, measurement systems, etc. used in various countries are taken into consideration in translating technical documents. Proofreaders familiar with government standards for the layout of particular documents prepare the final copy.

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